Rhetoric, Ideology and Social Psychology

Rhetoric, Ideology and Social Psychology

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Professor Michael Billig is one of the most significant living figures in social psychology. His work spans thirty-five years, and has at times challenged conventional social scientific thinking on a range of key topics. Billig has influenced a wide range of fields including intergroup conflict, social attitudes and ideology, rhetoric, racism, nationalism, humour, psychoanalysis, and popular culture, but most significantly, his writing has not only influenced social psychologists, but is widely recognised by linguistics, sociologists, historians and cultural theorists. This book brings together expert accounts of Billiga€™s ideas on a wide range of issues in a single text. Each of the contributors explains the importance of Billiga€™s work for a specific area detailing its application to a particular social psychological problematic. In doing so, the authors also demonstrate the relevance of Billiga€™s work to emerging concerns in twenty-first century social science, including conspiracy accounting, moral exclusion, discursive psychology and European identity. Rhetoric, Ideology and Social Psychology will be key reading for academics and researchers working in sociology, cultural studies, social psychology, communication and media studies and linguistics.Essays in Honour of Michael Billig Charles Antaki, Susan Condor ... There is a relevance here to social psychology. ... The first conceives of the prejudiced mind outside of history and social context; the sec- ond conceives of it as a product ofanbsp;...

Title:Rhetoric, Ideology and Social Psychology
Author:Charles Antaki, Susan Condor
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-03-05


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