RFID Security and Privacy

RFID Security and Privacy

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In the beginning of 2003, I found a short article about the privacy implications of RFID technology in a newspaper. It raised my interest, and after reading some early research papers on the topic, I thought: a€œThere must exist better solutions. a€ I c- cerned myself with the topic in my spare time. After having developed my rst - lutions, I asked my supervisor, Prof. Dr. Paul Muller Iˆ , whether I could write a paper about my results. As the topic did not t into any running project or at least the overall research directions of his group, he could have answered no. But instead, he encouraged me to do it. The paper became a success, and many other papers about new concepts and solutions followed. Now the answer is obvious: There exist better solutions. I have dealt with the topic over the past years. Now I want to share the basics as well as current research results with the reader. This book is surely not a bedside reading. But with all the presented concepts, it can broaden the mind of the reader concerning security, privacy, and RFIDsystems. Iwishthe reader many new insights. There are many people I would like to thank. First of all, my thanks go to my Iˆ supervisor, Prof. Dr. Paul Muller. He gave me room for creativity and plenty of rope to work on my own.First, the problem of message loss that can bring tag and legitimate entity outof- sync is not solved. Second, the tag ... Send updating instructions In many approaches shown, the intern identifier is not revealed to the outside world. Instead, theanbsp;...

Title:RFID Security and Privacy
Author:Dirk Henrici
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2008-04-18


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