Revitalization of Somalia

Revitalization of Somalia

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The content of this books is as following: 1.Summary of the Civil War in Somalia3.Political Introduction To Somalia4.Geographical Map Of Somalia5. Introduction To Somalia's Civil War6. Summary Of The Stages Passed In Two Decades7.The Role Of Federalism In The Somali Conflict8.Urgent Moral Rearmament For Revival9. Is Revival Possible?10: Everyone Could And Should Contribute11: Prisoners' Contribution 12.The Role Of The Civil Society 13.Voluntary Services 14. Making Mindful Man To Make a Meaningful Nation15 Transforming Revolution To Rehabilitation16: Familyhooda Childcare 17: Education 18: Religion 19: Work Ethics20.Sustainable Peace And Stability21: Social Reformation For Sustainable Security22: Somalia As A Hospitalized Patient 23: Our Problem Is A Mind Faculty24: Mental Rehabilitation 25.Somalia Needs No Military, But 26. Conflict Between Culture And Politics27: Curing The Chaos From Its Causes28. Reconciliation And Reintegration29: Public Investment Creates Reconciliation 30: Somalia Does Not Need ForeignPeace Operation But Border Surveillance31: Somalis Know How To Resolve Their Internal Conflicts32: Peace Making Methodology33: Disarmament And Demobilization 34.Changing The Disputed Territories To Brotherly Neighborhood Denizens Chapter Six: 35.Domestic And Foreign Policy36.All We Are Lacking Is a Leader37: The Best Generation to Lead38: Election And Its Toolkits39: Governmental Structure 40: Competitive Leadership For Somaa41: Political Choice For New Somalia42.Personal Principles Lead To National Development43: Tackling The Crisis Of Nepotism.44: How To Eliminate Nepotism Based on Clannish System 45: How To Combat Mal-Administration, 46.General Advice To the Domestic Political Stakeholders47: Special Advice To Foreign Political Stakeholders48.Special Advice To the To The Islamic Extremists 49.Special Advice To New Generation50.Modern Electronic System TOEliminate Corruption51. Fresh National E-Census 52.Economic Reformation For Development53.Poverty And Hunger Eradication54: Humanitarian Aid Or Development Cooperation 55: How To Deal With NGOs) 56: Privatization of Institutions57: Local Product vs. ImportedProduct58.Sustainable DevelopmentCollectively Working With Gender Balance60. Commerce And Trade62. Tourism And Energy Industry 63: Creating Job Opportunities64: Land Construction And Environment65. City Planning 66: Mogadishu's Urban Development Strategies ConclusionGeneral Annotations Concluding RemarksBibliographyIntroduction To My Political PlatformThe content of this books is as following: 1.Summary of the Civil War in Somalia3.Political Introduction To Somalia4.Geographical Map Of Somalia5.

Title:Revitalization of Somalia
Author:Qasim Hirsi Farah
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-02


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