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One March morning, writer Floyd Skloot was inexplicably struck by an attack of unrelenting vertigo that ended 138 days later as suddenly as it had begun. With body and world askew, everything familiar had transformed. Nothing was ever still. Revertigo is Skloota€™s account of that unceasingly vertiginous period, told in an inspired and appropriately off-kilter form. This intimate memoira€”tenuous, shifting, sometimes humorousa€”demonstrates Skloota€™s considerable literary skill honed as an award-winning essayist, memoirist, novelist, and poet. His recollections of a strange, spinning world prompt further musings on the forces of uncertainty, change, and displacement that have shaped him from childhood to late middle age, repeatedly knocking him awry, realigning his hopes and plans, even his perceptions. From the volatile forces of his mercurial, shape-shifting early years to his obsession with reading, acting, and writing, from the attack of vertigo to a trio of postvertigo (but nevertheless dizzying) journeys to Spain and England, and even to a place known only in his mothera€™s unhinged fantasies, Skloot makes sense of a lifea€™s phantasmagoric unpredictability.Then, with a little financial help from Julius and my mother, I bought a stripped- down 1966 two-door Ford Falcon coupe. ... it had a standard transmission with the gear-shift lever mounted on the shaft of the steering wheel, a radio, plastic seats, and an ample trunk. To this day ... I asked the service station attendant to check my oil and water, then pulled back onto the turnpike, accelerating to sixty, and theanbsp;...

Author:Floyd Skloot
Publisher:University of Wisconsin Pres - 2014-03-17


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