Revelation: Book of Mystery and Majesty

Revelation: Book of Mystery and Majesty

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Revelation Bible Study Guide Finally, an easy to understand Bible Study Guide for the Book of Revelation, that makes it easy to teach! What are people saying about Revelation: Book of Mystery and Majesty? qKelly Carr has written a fascinating study guide for Revelation that came out of a series of expository messages. This study guide of the book of Revelation has that opportunity to open up great insight and illumination to the readers...and motivate them to faithfulness and to watching for His coming.q Jerry Falwell q...the author has produced a sane and scholarly study that is both expository and applicational. I am pleased to recommend this helpful volume on a difficult but understandable book of the Bible by my former student, Kelly Carr.q Dr. Don Campbell, President, 1986-1994 Dallas Theological Seminary qThe lessons are eye-catching and easy-to-read with frequent applications to take the student from text to life. I highly recommend the work for all lay students of the Word.q Dr. Lanier Burns, Chairman, Theology Department, Dallas Theological Seminary REVELATION Is Too Hard To Understand? Revelation was not intended to be unapproachable portion of Scripture. It is a wealth of information and inspiration for the believer, and a real motivation for the believer and unbeliever alike. The word, qrevelation, q actually means qto reveal.q The book of Revelation is intended to reveal something about our Lord Jesus Christ and His plan for the future. This book is not meant to be a commentary on Revelation, though you will find it helpful in determining the meaning of the book. It is intended to be a study guide or a curriculum which will enable the Bible teacher to have an organized way to study and teach this valuable book. 26 EASY Lesson With Simple Outlines The book is organized into 26 lessons that cover the 22 chapters in the New Testament book of Revelation. Each chapter is written in an easy to follow outline style with clear explanations and real life applications. What You Will Find Inside Lesson 1 Prelude to the End Lesson 2 A Vision of Christ Lesson 3 Letters to the Churches: Part 1 Lesson 4 Letters to the Churches: Part 2 Lesson 5 The Throne Room of Heaven Lesson 6 The Worship of Heaven Lesson 7 The Unveiling of Anti-Christ Lesson 8 Opening the Seven Seals Lesson 9 God's Grace in a Day of Wrath Lesson 10 Trumpets of Judgment: Part 1 Lesson 11 Trumpets of Judgment: Part 2 Lesson 12 The Little Book (with the Big Message) Lesson 13 The Tribulation Temple Lesson 14 The Two Witnesses Lesson 15 Public Enemy #1 Lesson 16 The Mark of the Beast Lesson 17 Six Postcards from the Future Lesson 18 The Song of Victory Lesson 19 The Super Bowl Judgments Lesson 20 The Fall of World Religion Lesson 21 Commercial Babylon Destroyed Lesson 22 The Second Coming Lesson 23 The Millenium Lesson 24 The Great White Throne Judgment Lesson 25 The New Jerusalem Lesson 26 God's Last Invitation Six helpful charts Appendix #1 God's Timeline for Humanity Appendix #2 Revelation: Book of Mystery and Majesty Appendix #3 The Seven qBeatitudesq of Revelation Appendix #4 The Seven Churches of Revelation Appendix #5 Premillennial Views of the Rapture Appendix #6 Three Major Views of the Millennium Get Your Own Copy Today! Teach the Bible to your church or class with Revelation: Book of Mystery and Majesty. Let Dr. Carr help you.This book is not meant to be a commentary on Revelation, though you will find it helpful in determining the meaning of the book.

Title:Revelation: Book of Mystery and Majesty
Author:Dr Kelly Carr, Dr Jerry Falwell
Publisher: - 2014-10-12


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