Rethinking Therapeutic Culture

Rethinking Therapeutic Culture

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Social critics have long lamented Americaa€™s descent into a a€œculture of narcissism, a€ as Christopher Lasch so lastingly put it fifty years ago. From a€œfirst world problemsa€ to political correctness, from the Oprahfication of emotional discourse to the development of Big Pharma products for every real and imagined pathology, therapeutic culture gets the blame. Ask not where the stereotype of feckless, overmedicated, half-paralyzed millennials comes from, for it comes from their parentsa€™ therapista€™s couches. Rethinking Therapeutic Culture makes a powerful case that wea€™ve got it all wrong. Editors Timothy Aubry and Trysh Travis bring us a dazzling array of contributors and perspectives to challenge the prevailing view of therapeutic culture as a destructive force that encourages narcissism, insecurity, and social isolation. The collection encourages us to examine what legitimate needs therapeutic practices have served and what unexpected political and social functions they may have performed. Offering both an extended history and a series of critical interventions organized around keywords like pain, privacy, and narcissism, this volume offers a more nuanced, empirically grounded picture of therapeutic culture than the one popularized by critics. Rethinking Therapeutic Culture is a timely book that will change the way wea€™ve been taught to see the landscape of therapy and self-help.The punitive regime of the prison system coexists uneasily with the rationale of faith-based programs that redemption and ... One such program is Pathways, a nondenominational Christian prison ministry that provides Bible studies, support anbsp;...

Title:Rethinking Therapeutic Culture
Author:Timothy Aubry, Trysh Travis
Publisher:University of Chicago Press - 2015-06-05


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