Retail Anarchy

Retail Anarchy

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Why does no one blink when they are charged three dollars for a cup of coffee? Why do grown men sleep on the street overnight to buy video game systems? How do Dollar Stores cheerfully charge a dollar for a 25 cent pack of gum? What are the pitfalls of Brand Name Loyalty? And how do you get an entire car-full of pudding for free? a€œStand-up economista€ Sam Pocker delves into these hard-hitting questionsa€”and the result is a fascinating, wry, and amusing account of consumersa€™ non-sensical habits and the stores that prey upon them. With a dash of vitriol and a dose of sarcasm, Pocker exposes the sheer inanity of marketing schemes, the plague of rude cashiers, and shows how the a€œlittle guya€ can rise up and beat the system by outsmarting the stores with their overly-complicated rules for rebates. Retail Anarchy is a satirical look at the self-imposed consumer coma that America has fallen intoa€”and Sam Pockera€™s mission is to wake readers up!CALL. IT. a€œWORST. BUY, a€. COULD. THEY? Down the street from Staples was an institution of continuing education ... My first job as a teenager was computer repair, so I was interested to see what Best Buya#39;s a€œGeek Squada€ did for the customer other than humiliate their employees by ... Taking your computer to the a€œ Geek Squada€ is like being a patient in a teaching hospital; a number of the kids workinganbsp;...

Title:Retail Anarchy
Author:Sam Pocker
Publisher:Running Press - 2009


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