Restoration, Immortality Begins (a science fiction novel)

Restoration, Immortality Begins (a science fiction novel)

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The year is 2056. The world is still recovering from the pandemic of 2027 caused by a meteor borne virus that wiped out half the population. Cloning has been legalized in a desperate attempt to save humanity. Dodge Kerrington, a renowned Electronics Engineer leads his team at Embedded Systems Specialist. They must design and perfect memory transfer for the Human Cloning Process. ESS prevails by creating the first successful system that records IHE (individual human experience) as a LifeFile that uploads into the brain of a newly grown clone. ESS launches the system and human immortality is born. Disease Treatment Centers are bankrupt. Hospitals and Clinics convert to LifeCenters, all in the business of providing Restoration services. Funerals are nearly unheard of, only hardcore religious hold outs choose natural death over Restoration. Enter the world of High Tech Industrial Espionage with Dodge Kerrington and his best friend and security expert John Calhoun as they fight for their very lives against criminal master mind Cyrus Slade and his partner, a world renowned hacker known only as a€œGlitcha€ who desperately desire to obtain the new technology and the incredible power that comes with it. Ita€™s an all out battle for control of Restoration and the minds of those that created it. In a high tech game of murder, hacking, and unbridled greed, the future of humanity hangs in the balance. Show more Show lessOh wait, how do I get it into the system? ... Ia#39;ll send you an email on your phone that says happy birthday in colorful text. ... Of course you only have the ten minutes so youa#39;ll have to get your snooping done as quickly as possible once she receives ... Youa#39;ll see the place to put in your keyword and that will get the thing started.

Title:Restoration, Immortality Begins (a science fiction novel)
Author:Todd D. Utley
Publisher:Todd D. Utley - 2014-02-18


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