Resistance Is Fertile

Resistance Is Fertile

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For decades, government, industry, and the mainstream media have extolled the virtues of biotechnology while downplaying its negative side effects. Focusing on agriculture, Resistance Is Fertile challenges this dominant rhetoric by analyzing the major issues around which opponents of biotechnology in Canada are mobilizing resistance ii½ namely, the enclosure of the biological and the knowledge commons, which together form the BioCommons. What emerges is an empirically and theoretically informed analysis of Canada's regulatory regime, the corporate control of seeds, and attempts to construct and control public discussions about agricultural biotechnology.... rendered the genetically engineered variety more vulnerable to a fatal bacterial infection transmitted by cucumber beetles. ... When feeding, the beetles create open wounds on the planta#39;s leaves into which the bugsa#39; feces are deposited, thereby ... a solution to the viral diseases, it simultaneously creates an additional susceptibility to other plant problems (Sasu et al. ... as a number of studies indicate, is a matter of a€œwhena€ rather than a€œifa€ (Belcher, Nolan, and Phillips 2005; Knispel et al.

Title:Resistance Is Fertile
Author:Wilhelm Peekhaus
Publisher:UBC Press - 2013-03-13


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