Research Triangle

Research Triangle

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Evangeline Wright reported on the rising gas prices, the school testing debacle and chip implants as monitoring devices. Lately, she was stepping on toes - she was taking on prescription drugs and the link to the school violence. Then she disappeared completely. Jack Richmond discovers a building on the edge of the Research Triangle where school children are being remotely monitored at a distance for medication reactions. The monitoring room was joyous at the killing of 16 students until the discovery that they were being recorded. Jack Richmond wakes with no memory at all.But if they can burn a#39;Catcher in the Rye, a#39; they can burn any book.a€ a€œOr a newsletter. We have over two hundred Kindle subscriptions and growing daily. What if someone on the Trilateral Commission wants to make our newsletter go away.

Title:Research Triangle
Author:Jon Batson
Publisher:Midnight Whistler Publishers - 2010-01-01


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