Research for Educators

Research for Educators

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Rather than dichotomising the teaching of research methods into quantitative and qualitative areas, this book will use the approach of following a research process from the germination of ideas to the communication of findings. This text aims to do two things: first, to emphasise that teachers are consumers of research and therefore need to understand how research is conducted to make more informed decisions about the trustworthiness of research findings; second, to emphasise that teachers are researchers in their classroom as they operate as reflective practitioners. Research for educators seeks to provide: a A balance between qualitative and qualitative coverage a Examples that are relevant to studentsa professional experiences a Book organisation to reflect the inquiry process, rather than separate, unrelated chapters a Written at a level that is appropriate for undergraduate students but also applicable for introductory graduate courses a Emphasis on career-long professional development, and on information for research oriented students, which is particularly important in an educational climate where teachers have to meet the demands of national profiles as well as the need for teacher accountability with Quality Assurance (TQM) and, a Increased the emphasis on the teaching of inquiry and information skills to school students; developing teachersa knowledge and skills is a vital part of their ability to teach this as discipline to their own students. Research for Educators is the first Australasian text on the market to address research in education. This text is suitable for students undertaking research in their education courses.Quasi-experimental designs As previously stated, the difference between an experimental and quasi- experimental design is that participants are randomly assigned in experimental studies whereas they are not in quasi-experimental studies.

Title:Research for Educators
Publisher:Cengage Learning Australia - 2006


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