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Tampa Homicide Lieutenant Carl Kane is enjoying a new work schedule, a budding romance off duty, and a lull in recent murders. That is until hea€™s requested to the scene in a neighboring district. A seemingly normal husband and wife are found bludgeoned to death with words carved into their flesh. The partial message left in the victims ensures there will be more bodies to follow. It doesna€™t take long before they do. Kane quickly realizes that this is revenge in its most sinister form. He must bring the man behind the murders to justice before the message is complete, the body count rises, and the killer disappears forever. A tall task when everyone involved is either dead or deceitful. Cases of Lieutenant Kane Series: All books are standalone stories. They are best enjoyed chronologically, but can be read out of order. #1 Malevolent #2 Requite #3 Determinant #4 Perilous #5 Progeny - June/July 2015 #6 Denouement - August 2015 thriller, mystery, crime thriller, police procedural, police, serial killer, crime thriller, crime mystery, detective mystery, crime fiction, police procedural novel, police procedural series, crime fiction, police seriesChapter. 22. I left the lunch room when my cell buzzed in my pocket. I switched hands with the coffee and dug out my phone. The caller ID said it was coming from a restricted number. ... I walked through my office door and took a seat at my desk. a€œIa#39;m listening. Leta#39;s have it.a€ a€œWell, leta#39;s get the big one out of the way first. Do you ... a€œEverything got paid off in full during the same montha€”December of last year.

Author:E.H. Reinhard
Publisher:E.H. Reinhard - 2014-12-17


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