Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Snakes

Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Snakes

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Offering coverage of a wide range of topics on snake reproduction and phylogeny, this comprehensive book discusses everything from primordial germ migration in developing embryos to semelparity (death after reproduction) in the aspic viper. Beginning with a review of the history of snake reproductive studies, it presents new findings on development, placentation, spermatogenesis, male and female reproductive anatomy, hormonal control of reproduction, reproductive cycles, sex pheromones, and parental care. An indispensible reference, this book offers comparative chapters on snake phylognetics examining morphological characteristics alongside strictly molecular concerns. It is rife with illustrations and color plates.2005. MrBayes 3.1 Manual. Available from pdf. Sanders, K.L. and Lee, M. S. Y. 2007. Evaluating molecular clock calibrations using Bayesian analyses with soft and hard bounds. Biology Letters 3: 275-279.

Title:Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Snakes
Author:Robert D. Aldridge, David M. Sever
Publisher:CRC Press - 2011-04-15


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