Rediscovering Mordecai Gorelik

Rediscovering Mordecai Gorelik

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Rediscovering Mordecai Gorelik explores the life and work of the pioneering scene designer whose career spanned decades in American theatre. Anne Fletchera€™s insightful volume draws intriguing parallels and contrasts between Gorelika€™s productions and the theatrical movements of the twentieth century, exposing the indelible mark he left on the stage. Through in-depth analysis of his letters, diaries, designs, and theoretical works, Fletcher examines the ways in which Gorelika€™s productions can be used as a mirror to reflect the shifting dramatic landscapes of his times. Fletcher places Gorelik against the colorful historical backdrops that surrounded hima€”including the avant-garde movement of the 1920s, World War II, the Cold War, and absurdisma€”using the designera€™s career as a window into the theatre during these eras. Within these cultural contexts, Gorelik sought to blaze his own unconventional path through the realms of theatre and theory. Fletcher traces Gorelika€™s tenures with such companies as the Provincetown Players, the Theatre Guild, and the Theatre Union, as well as his relationships with icons such as Bertolt Brecht, revealing how his interactions with others influenced his progressive designs and thus set the stage for major dramatic innovations. In particular, Fletcher explores Gorelika€™s use of scenic metaphor: the employment of stage design techniques to subtly enhance the tone or mood of a production. Fletcher also details the designera€™s written contributions to criticism and theory, including the influential volume New Theatres for Old, as well as other articles and publications. In addition to thorough examinations of several of Gorelika€™s most famous projects, Rediscovering Mordecai Gorelik contains explications of productions by such legends as John Howard Lawson, Clifford Odets, and Arthur Miller. Also included are numerous full-color and black-and-white illustrations of Gorelika€™s work, most of which have never been available to the public until now. More than simply a portrait of one man, this indispensable volume is a cultural history of American theatre as seen through the career of a visionary designer and theoretician.Scene Design and the American Theatre Anne Fletcher. The playa#39;s professed style is farce, and, in two scenes in particular, it succeeds in achieving the high pace necessary for this form. ... The script is blessed with some terrifically funny lines. ... the Imperial Serenaders.22 Tohnnie and Clare sing a love duet, and the romantic ballad a€œCreamy Moon, Dreamy Moona€ provides the ironic background for theiranbsp;...

Title:Rediscovering Mordecai Gorelik
Author:Anne Fletcher
Publisher:SIU Press - 2009-03-30


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