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Cash Ransome is a rock star with a bad reputation. When his hard partying lifestyle finally catches up with him, his brothers and band-mates convince him ita€™s time to get out of the spotlight. A few weeks in the middle of nowhere sounds like the worst kind of punishment to Casha€”until he meets Sam. Samantha Warner is looking for something to distract her from the complications of her messy life. When Cash Ransome shows up at her favorite bar, she figures shea€™s hit the jackpot. His reputation proceeds him, and Casha€™s no-strings-attached lifestyle is just what Sam is looking for. Spending time with Sam has Cash confuseda€”if theya€™re just supposed to be friends, why cana€™t he stop thinking about her? And if hea€™s not made for commitment, why is he dreading the day he has to walk away?Hea#39;s staring upat the building, his fingers paused over akeypad, as if trying to decide if we shouldgo in. a€œCash?a€Heshakes himself alittle and enters eight numbers intothe keypad.I hear alittle click and then he pushes the front door open.

Author:Rachel Schurig
Publisher:Rachel Schurig - 2015-01-28


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