Red Yellow Green

Red Yellow Green

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There must be a new way, a simple way, a comprehensible and comprehensive way to have a purposeful discussion with regard to federal priorities and spending. This book is about setting federal spending priorities with a rational basis in the rule of law. We need a reasonable way to develop an agreed upon codified consensus of our increasingly expensive and continuously expansive unsustainable federal spending. With regard to the federal budget (and our national debt), the detailed conversation that we must have as a nation is not taking place. Neither Democrats nor Republicans seem to be capable of showing the requisite leadership on federalist (constitutionally derived) budget priorities. There needs to be a comprehensible unifying idea in order to jump start, focus, and keep the discussion moving forward to eventually bring a constitutional focus back to federal spending. The purpose of this book is to suggest a metaphor which could easily be employed to catalyze the most serious discussion of our time: our ruinous national finances, both in terms of budget outlays and our national debt. A comprehensible unifying idea in order to start, focus, and keep the discussion going to bring a constitutional focus back to federal spending is required. The idea is represented by the common traffic signal: Red means stop, Yellow means caution, and Green means go. The goal is to get Americans thinking about federal spending in terms of Red, Yellow and Green.Recently, Michael finished his commitment in New Orleans supporting the environmental catastrophe operations associated ... management services for the United States Toys a€œRa€ Us Corporation (NYSE) portfolio consisting of 1, 160 propertyanbsp;...

Title:Red Yellow Green
Author:Michael Perullo
Publisher:UQ Publishing - 2011-10-31


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