Red Steel

Red Steel

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The Cold War never heated up, but if it had, the Soviet Union was ready. This reference work details 73 major Soviet war machines, from the 2P26 qBaby Carriageq - a deceptively light, Jeep-like vehicle mounting four anti-tank missiles - to the T-80U main battle tank with its advanced armour and electronic countermeasures. Sixty-one photographs and drawings illustrate the work, and access to a web gallery with even more illustrations is included in the purchase.chassis, with a more powerful 520hp engine, upgraded track and suspension. The hull is welded ... The commander is seated in the left of the turret, the gunner forward and below him, and the loader on the right. The gun has ... Traverse and elevation are powered, though manual controls are also provided. 33 rounds ofanbsp;...

Title:Red Steel
Author:Russell Phillips
Publisher:Shilka Publishing - 2013-04-05


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