Red Hat Linux 6 in Small Business

Red Hat Linux 6 in Small Business

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Red Hat Linux 6 In Small Business If you run a small business or organization or just a home network, then Linux is the network solution for you a€” a robust, multifunctional platform with a wealth of software a€b and a very attractive price. But where to start? Red Hat Linux 6 in Small Business is your road map to this revolutionary open source operating system a€” a savvy guide that shows you step-by-step how to put Linux to work in your business. Even better, you get a complete Linux distribution and lots more on the companion CD-ROMs a€” everything you need to get up and running right away. Whether you choose Linux for workstations, file-and-print servers, Web servers, databases, gateways, or firewalls, this unique book-and-software package is your guide to easy Linux implementation a€” and proven small business solutions. Working Linux Solutions for Small Business Challenges: Install and configure Linux with step-by-step instructions Get help from recommended resources a€” including the Linux Documentation Project Administer and troubleshoot your server with tips for managing users Share files and printers with Samba Connect to the Internet with PPP connections Create and monitor a firewall for security Set up an e-mail server and Intranet Web server Word process, create spreadsheets, and make presentations with ApplixWare's full-featured desktop office suite Back up Linux and Windows computers across your network to a central location with the Arkeia automated backup software Bonus! 2 CD-ROMs with a complete Linux distribution plus: ApplixWare office suite demo Arkeia automated network backup system demo Diald networking scripts Firewall scripts (ipchains) DNS (Domain Name Server) scripts E-mail server configuration And more! System Requirements: IBM-compatible 486 or later, 8MB RAM, 200MB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, Ethernet network card and modem recommended.Table 5-1 MANUAL PAGE ORGANIZATION Heading Description NAME name of command and one line description (incidentally, the only required section of a man page) SYN0PSIS short overview of program options DESCRIPTION moreanbsp;...

Title:Red Hat Linux 6 in Small Business
Author:Paul G. Sery, Eric Harper
Publisher:Wiley - 1999-09-28


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