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Presenting an engaging, suspenseful mix of paranormal stories, Reckoning takes you into the lives of ordinary people who face extraordinary and unexplainable situations for which they are entirely unprepared. In a€œSolitario Road, a€ a businessmana€™s drive home on familiar roads takes him through a strange storm and an unexpected journey through the past. His unsettling encounters with people along the way take him farther away from the presenta€”and his own reality. a€œHandshakea€ is the story of a man whose routine medical procedure leads to a side effect that begins as an uncomfortable nuisance but quickly turns into a frightening threat to everyone around him. In a€œa€™74 New Yorker, a€ a man inherits his fathera€™s old car and discovers that a strange sense of empowerment comes with it. He soon finds his nostalgic connection to the car spiraling into a pattern of bizarre and risky behavior that has tragic results. a€œFlagmana€ tells of a retired art professor whose spontaneous act of protest against the Iraq War sets off a public reaction that he doesna€™t expect. When one of his students helps him continue the protest, they are faced with the dangerous consequences of waging peace. Rich in visual imagery, the stories in Reckoning deliver a powerful commentary on how the supernatural and reality can seamlessly entwine in the human experience.a€œThat punk is about three feet back of my bumper, my very large, heavy, hydraulic impact-absorbing bumper.a€ He took a quick look over at the blue Honda. a€œThat kid is about five feet away and about three feet back from my front bumper.

Author:Timothy Benson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-05-17


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