Real Men Raise Their Kids

Real Men Raise Their Kids

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Have you ever wondered if you are the only sane person in your family? Fear not! Matt Koven's Real Men Raise Their Kids travels beyond typical childhood memoir accounts. This humorous collection of boyhood experiences will prove that your family is not the most dysfunctional. Journey from the West Indies to Europe running throughout America's heartland and back covering the entire Deep South, in a non-stop account of a passionate and loving father's attempt to raise his family. In modern American society, it still remains unusual for fathers to spend large amounts of time with their children; however, in the last decade children and fathers have begun to spend valuable time with each other. Real Men Raise Their Kids humorously explores the results of the emerging trend of fathers taking time from their work to actively partake in the childrearing process. Exposing his family's most turbulent moments Koven elucidates the benefits that result from fathers actively participating in his child's youth.... the perfect meal, settling bills with maintenance men (or more likely trying to fix a problem without the maintenance man) or, of course, ... I clearly remember times while barreling down the road in the Chevy Suburban, when Dad would exclaim, a€œThat son-of-a-bitch just cut me off! ... In the early winter of 2002, my family and the rest of Georgia south of the Piedmont region, experienced an ice storm thatanbsp;...

Title:Real Men Raise Their Kids
Author:Matthew Koven
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-10


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