Reading Vergil's Aeneid

Reading Vergil's Aeneid

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Vergil's Aeneid has been considered a classic, if not the classic, of Western literature for two thousand years. In recent decades this famous poem has become the subject of fresh and searching controversy. What is the poem's fundamental meaning? Does it endorse or undermine values of empire and patriarchy? Is its world view comic or tragic? Many studies of the poem have focused primarily on selected books. The approach here is comprehensive. An introduction by editor Christine Perkell discusses the poem's historical background, its reception from antiquity to the present, and its most important themes. The book-by-book readings that follow both explicate the text and offer a variety of interpretations. Concluding topic chapters focus on the Aeneid as foundation story, the influence of Apollonius' Argonautica, the poem's female figures, and English translations of the Aeneid. Written in an accessible style and providing translations of all Latin passages, this volume will be of particular value to teachers and students of humanities courses as well as to specialists.Why does Vergil give Iopas such a song?47 To this question various answers have been suggested: to provide a chaste ... In my reading of this work, scientific insights are shown to embody a more limited truth than the truth that comes from anbsp;...

Title:Reading Vergil's Aeneid
Author:Christine G. Perkell
Publisher:University of Oklahoma Press - 1999


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