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Building learning communities and networks online means reaching beyond the walls of your classroom, the walls of your school, and even the walls of your own state, country, or continent to create connections. Once you reach out and make connections with other educators, professional learning like you have never experienced before starts to flow your way. You will soon find yourself in a state of continual learning. Taking advantage of the constant stream of information available today on the web at any given moment and using it for your own professional growth is what it means to learn in today's digital world. It is the ability to connect to the information and people you want to learn from. It is literally having the resource that is the Internet at your fingertips when you need it. This book will walk you through how to get started in joining online communities and creating learning networks tailored to what you are interested in learning about. Learn how to use Twitter for your own professional learning and use Facebook with students to communicate and engage them in learning beyond the walls of your classroom. By building a custom learning landscape for yourself, you will become more confident and help your students do the same. As you become more comfortable with using online communities and networks for your own learning, you will be able to pass your new knowledge on to your students and help them to reach out and create learning networks of their own.Cloud Computing = Mobile Devices It is not a coincidence that mobile computing (i.e. cell phones, netbooks, iPad) has taken off in recent years as cloud computing has become more popular ... The Amazon Kindle works on the same principle.

Author:Jeff Utecht - 2010-06


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