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This furry animal's high intelligence makes it one of the most interesting of all caged pets. All Complete Pet Owner's Manuals are heavily illustrated with color photos and line art, and are filled with reliable, easy-to-understand information on pet care. The many titles in this series show and tell pet owners how to care for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, gerbils, hamsters, and virtually every other animal that is kept as a pet. The books give advice on purchasing and otherwise acquiring a pet, maintaining health care, housing, proper feeding, and where applicable, grooming and training. Clear, straightforward text comes with high-quality, full-color photos and anatomically accurate line art, as well as helpful tables and charts.Using a folding nail trimmer or side-cutting wire cutting tool, snip the curved overgrown section of the upper and lower incisors to the ... Then quickly release the pressure and apply a pinch of silver nitrate (Kwik Stop) powder, flour, or cornstarch to the ... Follow the instructions on the bottle for length of application; most require a five to ten minute contact time before rinsing with plenty of clear warm water.

Author:Carol Himsel Daly
Publisher:Barron's Educational Series - 2002


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