Rational Herds

Rational Herds

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Penguins jumping off a cliff, economic forecasters and financial advisors speculating against a currency, and farmers using traditional methods in India are all practising social learning. Such learning from the behavior of others may and does lead to herds, crashes, and booms. These issues have become, over the last ten years, an exciting field of research in theoretical and applied economics, finance, and in other social sciences. This book provides both an informal introduction and in-depth insights into the subject. Each chapter is devoted to a separate issue: individuals learn from the observations of actions, the outcomes of these actions, and from what others say. They may delay or make an immediate decision; they may compete against others or gain from cooperation; they make decisions about investment, crop choices, and financial investments. The book highlights the similarities and the differences between the various cases.aquot;Patterns of Interaction among a Group of Officials in a Government Agency ... aquot; Dragon Slaying and Ballroom Dancing: The Private Supply of a Public Good, aquot; Journal of Public Economics, 25, 1-12. Blume, L., D. Easley, and ... aquot;Market Statistics and Technical Analysis: The Role of Volume, aquot; Journal of Finance, 49, 1 59-18 1 .

Title:Rational Herds
Author:Christophe Chamley
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2004


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