Rapunzel's Release

Rapunzel's Release

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Lost in the heart of Africa, Filipe is shocked to discover a beautiful maiden locked away in a stone tower prison. Taken with her innocent beauty and desperate plight, he vows to help Rapunzel but is soon trapped by his own unrelenting desire to have her. His fiery desire gives way to guilty pleasures, but Filipe can't accept Rapunzel's innocent declaration of love. Heartbroken, Rapunzel follows Filipe's plan for escape but nothing goes as predicted. Can Rapunzel convince Filipe her love is true and their destinies are intertwined? Excerpt: Rapunzel dug her fingers into his hair as he lifted the dress, leaving the material gathered under her breasts as he ran a hand across the flat plane of her belly and into the ebony curls between her legs. qFilipe?q He heard the question in her voice as he cupped her mound, but not until he had touched her wetness would he slow his advance. qBeautiful, q he said, caressing the soft skin of her inner thigh, coaxing her to open for him. He took more of her breast into his mouth and she cried out, her hips bucking as if she welcomed him. Filipe slid one finger into her wetness, moving slowly in and then out of the liquid heat of Rapunzel's desire. He released her breast to silence her desperate cries in a deep kiss as he stroked the silky, wet folds between her quivering thighs. When he focused his attention on her engorged clit, she froze, wrenching her mouth from his as she sucked in air. He looked into her eyes, seeing the desire mixed with the uncertainty. qI will not hurt you, Rapunzel. This is only for your pleasure.q Circling the swollen nub again, Filipe kept his gaze on her face. qDoes this give you pleasure?q qYes . . . .q She breathed the words, closing her eyes, moving her hips as if to accommodate Filipe fingering over and around the ultra-sensitive nub. He smiled. qThis will too, q he said, removing his slick hand to position himself between her legs. He stared at the thick, black curls hiding his treasure, and tenderly spread the lips of Rapunzel's pussy. He heard her whimper and felt her thighs tightening before he dipped in to taste her. Her loud moans made his cock swell harder than he thought possible, as he feasted. With every stroke of his tongue, he focused more and more on her clit. He held onto her thighs, holding her in place as he sucked and licked and teased. With a sudden lift of her hips, Rapunzel screamed, her entire body tensing, then shuddering, as an orgasm tore through her. Filipe continued to lick until she went limp, before slowly moving his body alongside hers. He lay still, holding her until her chaotic breathing returned to normal. qOh, Filipe, q Rapunzel moaned. qThis is what happens between a man and woman?q Filipe grinned against her hair. qThis is just one part of what a man and woman can experience together. Yes.q qThere is more?q she asked incredulously, her eyes wide with question. Filipe wiped the beads of sweat from her brow. qMuch more.q She blinked. qSomething more . . . involving this?q she asked, touching Filipe's stiff cock. He sucked in a tight breath. qYes.q He wanted her to experience pleasure for the first time with a man of her choice not circumstance, and as much as he wanted to take her, right here-right now, he was afraid of taking advantage of her. qTell me how, q she said, putting her arms back through the sleeve holes of her thin dress. qI will tell you tomorrow. Right now, we should work on the ladder. We do not have much time left before I must leave, q Filipe said. Despite the ache in his groin, he did not believe he could handle explaining what he so badly wanted to show her.aquot;Oh, Filipe, aquot; Rapunzel moaned. aquot;This is what happens between a man and woman?aquot; Filipe grinned against her hair. aquot;This is just one part of what a man and woman can experience together. Yes.

Title:Rapunzel's Release
Author:Nichelle Gregory
Publisher:Noble Romance Publishing LL - 2010-04-19


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