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Lieutenant Colonel Slaughter is offered an opportunity to resign his commission from the Army in lieu of courts martial for striking a superior officer in combat. Unbeknownst to him, one of his wounded soldiers from a distant time has come to revive his faith and ideals in protecting his country from high level CEOs who fraudulently cheat the government and cause numerous injuries and deaths to soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen using their products. Making things even more interesting is the appearance of ex Major Leopold Farnsworth who was kicked out of the Army in disgrace because of Slaughter; and he is now vowed to chase him down and kill him, or kill himself trying. Along the way, these rough men with their free spirited attitudes and irreverent ways combine interaction with the opposite sex in the form of a perky reporter assigned to them, a government contractor with a budding nephew and willing female assistant, and a Peruvian witch doctor who brings along two lovely sisters in a big pickup. A local Sheriff, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court are there to bring justice to the memories of those who have sacrificed their lives; and then there's Crud, the crab eating dog who guards the isolated island in the Gulf of Mexico just outside the Everglades where qThe Hootchq is their abode and headquarters.didna#39;t care about it. His working mind was on the 5 gallon can filled full of used oil and fertilizer and he had no intention of slowing down. Without warning, a pickup truck with lights on a roll bar on top, flood lights underneath its bumpers, and its headlights on high beam ... into the back of the Mercedes with a force that caused Farnsworth to quit thinking about Slaughter and a 5 gallon drum of explosives. ... He crawled back up to push the door shut and turn off the cara#39;s interior light.

Title:RANGE 19
Author:S. J. White
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-03


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