Random Blessings

Random Blessings

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Random Blessings is the story of the young and successful gift shop buyer, Tia Arbors. This fashion-savvy diva is hot, and she knows it. She is a proud graduate of the University of Carlton where she studied fashion. She is known by her coworkers to be the most conceited woman around and a force to be reckoned with. Tia and her coworkers, Travis and Keisha, are like three peas in a pod. They both love to hear her poetry and wild stories about her many failed relationships. That is, until she loses her job and questions both their loyalty. Not only does she lose her job, she loses it at one of the most critical times in her life, at the launch of her self-published magazine, Fashion Addict. Tia struggles with depression, isolation and thoughts of defeat. She loses everythinga€”her dog Skittles, people who love her, her apartment, her church and more. Soon after she lands a job at a local restaurant and reunites with a gentleman shea€™d met months before at a club. Fate leads them through family crises and personal secrets that threaten to terminate their relationship. She soon discovers that she and her new love have some serious issues to work through. The reader will be on the edge of their seat as they experience the ups and downs and highs and lows of this melodramatic character. Will this fashion deprived diva always have to settle for working in a restaurant? Does she recover from the isolation she has placed herself in? Will her newfound love last through all of the uncertainty? Prepare to laugh, cry, and learn as you discover Random Blessings: A Fashion Addicta€™s Path to Compassion.Not onlydidIlet Skittles down, Ia#39;dlet myself down. I had abandoned him. Thoughts of what thepeople at the boarding house must havebeen saying aboutme would hauntme nightly. ThelongerI left him there, the worseIfelt about trying tocallanbsp;...

Title:Random Blessings
Author:Talisa Lavarry
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-10-20


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