Radio sounding and plasma physics

Radio sounding and plasma physics

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This volume provides an introduction to the principles of radio sounding, a description of advances in hardware and data systems, and data processing and analysis software, including electron density profile inversions, for data from modern digital ionospheric sounders, especially the digisondes, and digisonde operation instructions. It is the most comprehensive documentation for digisondes and can serve as a master reference source for digisonde users. It also provides an overview of the international research activities using radio sounding and presents the newest scientific results from the Radio Plasma Imager on NASA's IMAGE satellite and related plasma physics subjects.Data quality issues Proper digisonde data quality control used to be an optional luxury requiring manual inspection of acquired ... For example, an ionogram programmed to scan from 1 to 10 MHz may have echo traces up to 6 MHz. ... Because of its rare occurrence it is difficult to trace the sources for such errors, instead we try to repair the incorrectly ... For example, in 2006 at Madimbo, Brazil, an operator had set the date to 2001 instead of 2006, and it stayed that way for several days.

Title:Radio sounding and plasma physics
Author:Paul Song
Publisher:Amer Inst of Physics - 2008


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