Radical Peace

Radical Peace

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This symphony of voicesa€”a loosely united network of war resisters, deserters, and peace activists in Afghanistan, Europe, Iraq, and North Americaa€”vividly recounts the actions they have personally taken to end war and create a peaceful society. Frustrated, angered, and even saddened by the juggernaut of aggression that creates more counter-violence at every turn, this assortment of contributors has moved beyond demonstrations and petitions into direct, often radical actions in defiance of the governmenta€™s laws to impede its capacity to wage war. Among the stories cited are those of a European peace group that assisted a soldier in escaping from military detention and then deserting; a U.S.-educated Iraqi who now works in Iran developing cheaper and smaller heat-seeking missiles to shoot down U.S. aircraft after U.S. soldiers brutalized his family; a granny for peace who found young allies in her struggle against military recruiting; a seminary student who, having been roughed up by U.S. military at a peace demonstration, became a military chaplain and subverts from within; and a man who expresses his resistance through the destruction of government propertya€”most often by burning military vehicles.I grew upinthe 1950s, whenthe USA wasvery conservative and bound by traditions. My parentsa#39; generation had grown up in ... My dad was ableto quit his factory joband devote fulltime to property management. The more money he made, theanbsp;...

Title:Radical Peace
Author:William Hathaway
Publisher:Trine Day - 2010-03-01


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