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qA dark secret sleeps, deep in a Florida swamp.q Falcon asks, qWhat would you do if you found a fortune in Mafia money, lost deep in a swamp, unmarked and unclaimed?q If you are young David Alistair, raised in poverty, you take it and you bury it . . . and you wait for maturity, and grow a plan. As the power of money develops a life of its own, young Alistair tightens his seatbelt, presses the accelerator and hangs on. With new understanding he un-harnesses a fortune redirected, to find his lost sister, then prepares to unleash his wrath on the men who kidnapped her. Denver Rose, a highly financed small town attorney launches the LEA Foundation. The qBaronq, a secretive old man, an enigma with a bad larynx and a vibrating voice, bent on protecting his identity, channels huge sums of money into L E A F. Harley Proffit, arguably the best private detective in all of Florida, brought back from the brink, becomes point man, leading the search for Lindsay Elizabeth Alistair. Emily Rodenberry, teacher with a gift joins the team, an all-seeing silent contributor. Ned Baker, the crusty old recluse with a questionable past, runs interference. Toby Lambert, David's best friend, snake bitten and ill, develops amnesia just in the nick-of-time, as he wants no part of this dangerous game. Join the search, as this adventurous young man, leads his highly financed and colorful team. Ride with them, let the adrenaline flow, taste the danger, and feel the lure of easy money. Travel their journey through the backwater tributaries of Florida, then out deep into the Caribbean, on a quest for justice and help solve the mystery of Lindsay Elizabeth Alistair's disappearance - while wondering if this team has been chosen, protected from darkness, seduced into guerrilla warfare, disarming those so evil.Also on the desk were several letters which had been in the boxes. Some were commercial mail, credit card applications, bills, some brochures. But the single personal letter addressed to Jackson Benson intrigued Wessel. It was postmarkedanbsp;...

Author:William Van Poyck
Publisher:Lisa Van Poyck - 2004-05-01


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