Quick English Sentences

Quick English Sentences

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This book helps beginning English Writer and those who wish to reinforce writing fundamentals. A Step-by-step process guides through English sentence construction, emphasizing the most fundamental grammar rules. Eight parts of speech are covered: nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. Next, clauses are covered: independent clauses and subordinate clauses (noun clauses, adjective, and adverb clauses). From this base, sentence construction builds with: simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences and compound-complex sentences. With sentence construction and punctuation mastered, you move on to building paragraphs with many examples of specific paragraph structures, including: topic sentence, supporting sentences and concluding sentences. Lastly, specific rhetorical structures are introduced: argumentation, cause and effect, comparison and contrast, definition, description, exemplification, journal, narration, opinion, persuasion, problem-solution and process. This approach helps you to get quick help with any specific writing problem you are facing. This book is perfect for ESL/EFL students. Contents Part I Eight Parts of Speech Unit 1 Noun Unit 2 Pronoun Unit 3 Adjective Unit 4 Verb Unit 5 Adverb Unit 6 Preposition Unit 7 Conjunction Unit 8 Interjection Part II Types of Clauses Unit 9 Independent Clause Unit 10 Dependent Clause Part III Types of Sentences Unit 11 Simple Sentence Unit 12 Compound Sentence Unit 13 Complex Sentence Unit 14 Compound-Complex Sentence Part IV Paragraph Structure Unit 15 Topic Sentence Unit 16 Supporting Sentence Unit 17 Concluding Sentence Part V Paragraph Rhetorical Structures Unit 18 Argumentation Unit 19 Cause and Effect Unit 20 Comparison and Contrast Unit 21 Definition Unit 22 Description Unit 23 Exemplification Unit 24 Journal Unit 25 Narration Unit 26 Opinion Unit 27 Persuasion Unit 28 Problem-Solution Unit 29 Process Appendix QES Software as a Service Suggested Answers to ExercisesA paragraph is a series of sentences that are all related to a single topic in order to explore a theme, thought, or concept . A paragraph expresses one main idea or topic and must have: Unity : Every sentence in a paragraph should relate to the anbsp;...

Title:Quick English Sentences
Author:Clyde A. Warden, Judy F. Chen
Publisher:QBook International, Inc. - 2014-09-11


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