Questions and Answers about: Ancient History

Questions and Answers about: Ancient History

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Ancient History gives readers an incredible insight into all aspects of human life in the ancient world. From the earliest civilizations to the medieval period, readers will learn about art, architecture, culture, religion a the remarkable individuals who shaped world history. Also available in the Questions a Answers series are World History, Animal World, Planet Earth, Science, a SpaceWho invented writing, paper, and coins? Why did the ancient Egyptians mummify their dead and bury them with food, jewels and clothing? How long is the Great Wall of China? ANCIENT HISTORY answers all of these questions and many more!Arcturus Publishing. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT. ANCIENT. HISTORY. This edition printed in 2012 by exclusively for WS Pacific.

Title:Questions and Answers about: Ancient History
Author:Arcturus Publishing
Publisher:Arcturus Publishing - 2013-06-10


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