Quest for your Empowered Self

Quest for your Empowered Self

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This is NOT the required book for San Diego Community College Students. The life skills, techniques and exercises in this book will help you gain confidence to live the life of your dreams. The book seeks to help you answer the four meaningful questions: a€c Who am I? (Identity) a€c Where am I going? (Direction) a€c Why am I going there? (Purpose) a€c How will I get there? (Strategy) In order to be self-empowered, you must learn these key life skills within a self-empowerment model developed by author Thomas Ventimiglia. It consists of the eight elements of the self that make up the titles of the eight chapters in the book. You will find fifty-six high-powered strategies in bold print that can help you achieve each of the eight elements of the self. In addition, you will find 168 life skill exercises that can help you achieve these fifty-six strategies. These exercises have been proven to be successful with college students from ages 18 to 90, as measured by Ventimiglia in his twenty-four years of teaching. Youa€™ll learn state-of-the-art skills in stress management; taking responsibility; raising self-esteem; emotional development; managing anxiety, depression, and grief; reframing negative thoughts and beliefs; energy psychology methods; learning style identification; meditations; clarifying cultural, family, religious, and societal value systems; life balance; goal achievement; personality style; attracting the right person; setting boundaries of communication; and much more. He has also used these strategies to help others eliminate anxiety, phobias, trauma, pain in the body, negative emotions, grief, PTSD, and many other ailments.1a#39;ra#39;au EiEcE²Nƒ NƒEd|E³NˆE² getting approval from ati-a#39;tels vet the detriment ta vouir E³EcE³EcN‚N‰N‚Nƒ and selfaesteem hemlntes ... To assist NƒNˆEc in matting goed vailue dAraoisictits, team to ask the so: NˆN‚EdN‚ questions: what, wttere, when, thawI and whv. the ... Evaluate the pros and cons of vaeious choices and , positions 1taquot;a#39;o1.t N‚EdNƒ he astdng NƒE²N‹-N‚E²EcEa a#39;1s values darilicatian a pzurlv ... To your own valiuas, use the NˆEcNˆEc-EcE½Ea advise: l Spend frequent time alone in laApeotha thought or journal writ-ing aboutanbsp;...

Title:Quest for your Empowered Self
Author:Thomas Ventimiglia
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2014-05-05


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