Python Programming in Context

Python Programming in Context

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A user-friendly, object-oriented language, Python is quickly becoming the favorite introductory programming language among students and instructors. Many find Python to be a more lucid language than Java but with much of the functionality and therefore the ideal first language for those entering the world of Computer Science. Python Programming in Context is a clear, accessible introduction to the fundamental programming and problem solving concepts necessary for students at this level. The authors carefully build upon the many important computer science concepts and problem solving techniques throughout the text and offer relevant, real-world examples and exercises to reinforce key material. Programming skills throughout the text are linked to applied areas such as Image Processing, Cryptography, Astronomy, Music, the Internet, and Bioinformatics, giving students a well rounded look of its capabilities.1 2 3 4 We have worked our way through the problem of drawing a circle by using a large degree polygon as an approximation. Now leta#39;s ... One good approximation is to use the relationship of the radius of a circle to the circumference. If we are doing a good job of approximating a circle, then the circumference of a circle should be very close to the sum of the individual sides of the polygon. Recall thatanbsp;...

Title:Python Programming in Context
Author:Bradley N. Miller, David L. Ranum
Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Publishers - 2010-10-27


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