Purification tools for monoclonal antibodies

Purification tools for monoclonal antibodies

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Purification Tools for Monoclonal is an essential book for professionals, educators and advanced students in the field of Biotechnology. It is based on experience gained from purification process development, scale-up, and manufacture of more than 250 monoclonal-based diagnostic and therapeutic products. Ten chapters provide in-depth coverage of major separation mechanisms, process strengths, weaknesses and method development; all fully integrated with the special performance, economic and validation requirements associated with monoclonals. Covered methods include precipitation with inorganic salts, polyethylene glycol, electrolyte depletion, caprylic acid, ethacridine, chromatographic purification by size exclusion, ion exchange, hydroxyapatite, hydrophobic interaction, immobilized metal affinity, hydrophilic interaction, euglobulin adsorption, thiophilic adsorption, protein A, protein G, lectin affinity, and more. 88 figures, 29 tables.However, it strips nickel from immobilized metal affinity (IMAC) columns. ... with downstream charge-based separation processes, such as ion exchange (IEC) and hydroxyapatite chromatography (HAC). ... when analyzing supernatants for the presence of antibody, for example during method optimization or troubleshooting.

Title:Purification tools for monoclonal antibodies
Author:Pete Gagnon
Publisher:Validated Biosystems Inc - 1996


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