Publishing with InDesign

Publishing with InDesign

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Unlike other books that titillate readers with flashy but rarely used software capabilities, this work is a practical how-to reference manual that teaches the ins and outs of this powerful page layout and design software. The book is ideal for novice graphic designers as well as experienced designers who lack knowledge of Web publishing or the printing industry.Feel free to ask one of your classmates (but remember they may not know any more than you do). 4. ... a specific product (usually a PDF) that you attach to an email, which you then mail to your instructor for grading and comments. ... There is no penalty for the second try (or third or fourth). ... Publishing With InDesign includes a complete set of theory exams in the short-essay-question style that enables your ... Often there is no right or wrong answer, but a search for thoughtful opinion.

Title:Publishing with InDesign
Author:David Bergsland
Publisher:Delmar Pub - 2001


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