Psychology, 10th Edition

Psychology, 10th Edition

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WARNING: This is not the actual book Psychology Textbook 10th Edition by David G. Myers. Do not buy this Summary, Review a Analysis if you are looking for a full copy of this great book.Our expert educators have already read Psychology and pulled out the key points, and insights to give you a comprehensive chapter-by-chapter summary a review. In doing so, unfortunately we do not have the space to include all of the many important ideas and anecdotes found in Psychology. To get it all, you should first order the full book. Packaged together in an engaging and easily digestible format, this concise summary a review works best as an unofficial guide or companion to read alongside the book. PSYCHOLOGY TEXTBOOK 10TH EDITION: BY DAVID G. MYERS -- SUMMARY, REVIEW a STUDY GUIDEThis Summary, Review a Study Guide is your companion to the 10th edition of the bestselling textbook Psychology, written by David G. Myers. It consolidates the material in the textbook, providing students with a handy way to preview material before class, to reinforce content after lectures, or to review prior to exams, saving valuable time while increasing comprehension.This guide follows the structure of Myers' text, providing helpful, comprehensive summaries for each of the book's 16 chapters. Beginning with a one-paragraph overview of the chapter's main themes, summaries contain ample headnotes that provide the student with an easy-to-follow outline for quick material review. In addition to summarizing the material, the guide references psychology's famous scientists and important research results, as well as the important historical and statistical information included in the textbook. The guide also identifies the as-yet unanswered questions within the field. Following each chapter summary is a concise bullet list of the key take-away ideas for the chapter, as well as two or more review questions, with answers, to assist with thoughtful and thorough studying and test prep. Technical language, an important aspect to understanding psychology (and therefore usually on the exam!), is italicized and defined for easy review. When it makes sense to do so, vocabulary is italicized within running text; in other chapters, vocabulary is listed (dictionary-style) and defined. The guide also includes graphs and graphics for concepts such as Erickson's stages of psychosocial development and Weber's law that are more easily understood and retained visually. Like all introductory textbooks, Psychology covers a lot of material, and because the material is scientific in nature, some of it can be difficult to understand and assimilate. A study guide is a helpful choice for college students, who are always pressed for time, to enhance comprehension. Although designed specifically to accompany Myers' textbook, this study guide would also be a useful companion for other psychology textbooks or for someone wanting a good basic review of psychology's concepts and terms. FROM START-TO-FINISH IN JUST 30 MINUTES!Here's your chapter-by-chapter guide to David G. Myers's Psychology that you can start and finish right now!WARNING: This is not the actual book Psychology Textbook 10th Edition by David G. Myers.

Title:Psychology, 10th Edition
Author:Save Time Summaries
Publisher:CreateSpace - 2013-09-06


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