Psalms Code

Psalms Code

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The world is full of lost souls, some who would even steal, beg or borrow just to witness a proof of God's existence. The Bible, according to the most, is nothing but the qtales of the old, q and God qdoes not exist.q What if the Bible is not the qtales of the oldq but an almanac of mankind for events past, present and yet to come? Let's illustrate our thesis, then. Let's pick three random years within the 20th century - say, 1982, 1992 and 1993. What happened on Earth in 1992 that made the news? 1992 is the first year since 1922 without the Soviet Union and the Cold War, as at the end of 1991 the Soviet Union denounced itself. What else? 1992 is also the year Michael Drosnin found about Bible Codes during his visit to Israel. The Energy Policy Act of 1992 came into effect the same year, paving the way for the utilization and promotion of alternative energy resources across US. 1992 is also the year a breakthrough in qin vitro fertilizationq (used for test tube babies) has been developed in Brussels, Belgium. The Bible, mainly the Psalms, through qkeywordsq and qkey phrasesq have foretold the mentioned events thousands of years before they actually qcame to passq before our very eyes! The events of year 1992 are foretold in Psalm 92. Psalms is the 19th book of the Bible. 19th book + Psalm 92 = year 1992 events! The same logic applies to any year in the 20th, or the 21st century. Wonder what will happen in year 2009? Look up to Psalm 109! How about year 1982? Study Psalm 82! Three layers cover the verses provided in Psalms. On the first layer, the verses are just prayers, praises to the Lord. On the second layer, the same verses serve as an almanac of events bound to happen on earth within that year. The third and the final layer unfolds the galactic events that await on God's Calendar for the year in question.The Bible, according to the most, is nothing but the aquot;tales of the old, aquot; and God aquot;does not exist.aquot; What if the Bible is not the aquot;tales of the oldaquot; but an almanac of mankind for events past, present and yet to come?

Title:Psalms Code
Author:Savasan Yurtsever
Publisher:Savasan Yurtsever - 2010-04


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