Protein Purification

Protein Purification

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The authoritative guide on protein purificationa€”now completely updated and revised Since the Second Edition of Protein Purification was published in 1998, the sequencing of the human genome and other developments in bioscience have dramatically changed the landscape of protein research. This new edition addresses these developments, featuring a wealth of new topics and several chapters rewritten from scratch. Leading experts in the field cover all major biochemical separation methods for proteins in use today, providing professionals in biochemistry, organic chemistry, and analytical chemistry with quick access to the latest techniques. Entirely new or thoroughly revised content includes: High-resolution reversed-phase liquid chromatography Electrophoresis in gels Conventional isoelectric focusing in gel slabs and capillaries and immobilized pH gradients Affinity ligands from chemical and biological combinatorial libraries Membrane separations Refolding of inclusion body proteins from E. coli Purification of PEGylated proteins High throughput screening techniques in protein purification The history of protein chromatographyIMAC is a general technique for purifying proteins. Metalloproteins do not bind specifically at their metal coordination sites but rather through amino-acid residues exposed at the protein surface. a€n Clearance of viruses has been shown to beanbsp;...

Title:Protein Purification
Author:Jan-Christer Janson
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2012-01-03


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