Protecting What's Yours--Post 9-11

Protecting What's Yours--Post 9-11

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In Protecting What's Yours--Post 9-11, Andrew D. Westhem lays out a multi-faceted plan for protecting what is important in your life--your loved ones, your retirement, your health and safety. What happens, for examples, if you live qtoo longq? If you defer taxes on a home you leave to your children, will they have to sell it to pay the tax bill? How can you be sure that a court will uphold your prenuptial agreement? How do you make sure that the ex-spouse of your business partner doesn't end up owning half the company? What if you become incapacitated? What about lawsuits? What about crime? Must reading for anyone with substantial assets, Protecting What's Yours--Post 9-11 also contains helpful information for adults of any income level, and every age. It lists contact information for sources of information. Every chapter closes with a succinct summary and provides information for how to plan for maximum security in these uncertain times.In 2000, auto theft in the United States rose for the first time in a decade, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. ... Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee, Chevrolet full- size C/K pickup, Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet Caprice, Ford Taurus and Ford F150 pickup. ... of their huge profit potential when the cars are stripped down to their components, which then supply a vast black market for stolen parts.

Title:Protecting What's Yours--Post 9-11
Author:Andrew D. Westhem
Publisher: - 2002-12-01


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