Prospering in Hard Times by Applying Your Faith

Prospering in Hard Times by Applying Your Faith

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Prospering in Hard Times by Applying Your Faith: Receiving the Object of Your Faith by Wallace Frazier Prospering in Hard Times by Applying Your Faith explores the truth and knowledge imparted by religion from sources beyond that of the traditional reference Bible. In this analysis of faith, Wallace W. Frazier breaks down and reviews the hierarchy of the multitude of celestial figures. He describes a revelation of Christ Jesus of Nazareth unknown-or at least unrevealed- in traditional religious or sacred books. In exploring lesser-known spiritual personalities, he de-conditions the enlightnened reader and truth seeker from the limited, primitive, and traditional concepts of faith and fills the void with a process of applying your faith that produces both spiritual and material fruit. In this philosophical breakdown of faith and its history, the author seeks to encourage, enlighten, and inspire the people--brothers and sisters of humankind--to receive the Spirit of Truth, who is Christ Jesus (since His ascension, no longer one-in-the-same with Christ Jesus of Nazareth). Furthermore, Prospering in Hard Times by Applying Your Faith exposes truths to be found and received outside the Bible and traditional religious organizations About the Author In 2001 Wallace W. Frazier recognized that the Heavenly Father had a purpose for his life; Mr. Frazier was beginning to understand the processes by which faith is made effective. He then began sharing this in his teaching and writing. During many life-changes and much prayer and meditation, he engaged heavily into researching biblical histories. His findings supported what he already perceived--that many things in the Bible are indeed true, while others are far from the truth. Finally, this research has been compiled and published. Wallace is a native of Oklahoma, where he continues to make his residence today with his wife of over 40 years. He is a self-employed writer and teacher. Mr. Frazier enjoys filling free time with reading, researching, gardening, fishing, and chess. Other published works include, A Casualty of War: The War on Drugs, The War Within, and Providence: The Journey, The Discovery, The Destination.Rather, let these writings spark a sense of urgency within your heart and mind to question some of the doctrine and ... or by the answers you may have received from the clergy or others who claim knowledge of religious or spiritual matters.

Title:Prospering in Hard Times by Applying Your Faith
Author:Wallace Frazier
Publisher:Dorrance Publishing - 2014-01-13


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