Proof Theory of Modal Logic

Proof Theory of Modal Logic

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This volume deals with formal, mechanizable reasoning in modal logics, that is, logics of necessity, possibility, belief, time computations etc. It is therefore of immense interest for various interrelated disciplines such as philosophy, AI, computer science, logic, cognitive science and linguistics. The book consists of 15 original research papers, divided into three parts. The first part contains papers which give a profound description of powerful proof-theoretic methods as applied to the normal modal logic S4. Part II is concerned with a number of generalizations of the standard proof-theoretic formats, while the third part presents new and important results on semantics-based proof systems for modal logic.Furthermore, we presuppose that the definitions of a#39;x and p, x are given and that / zx satisfies also clauses (/il.l), (/xl.2), ... we have D, with(D) = fy, with (D/3*) ay) = p, y(fy), by Lemma 1 ^DB, with (/il.l) and which with (W) and FBIa#39;S = IB yields (ED).

Title:Proof Theory of Modal Logic
Author:Heinrich Wansing
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 1996-10-31


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