Project Management Step by Step ePub

Project Management Step by Step ePub

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Youa€™ve been given a project to run. You know you need to get it right, but you dona€™t know what you need to do and in what order to make sure it all runs smoothly and you come out of it looking great. You need Project Management Step by Step. Almost every manager and businessperson finds at some time that he or she has to complete a task that has sufficient complexity and importance that an ad-hoc approach to getting it done is just not enough. Managers in this common situation need the structure and rigour of a project management approach, yet very few managers are formally trained in project management or have the inclination, time or finances to become trained. They need an approach they can feel confidant is sufficiently robust to ensure their success, but also simple enough to be immediately applicable. Project Management Step by Step provides the solution to this problem; a practical and immediate way to become a competent project manager. This is a comprehensive and authoritative guide written and structured in a practical and rapidly applicable style.To answer these questions you need to understand how you will do the project and how much it will cost you to do the project a€” and the answers to these questions are found by developing a Project Plan. Project plans do not always provideanbsp;...

Title:Project Management Step by Step ePub
Author:Richard Newton
Publisher:Pearson UK - 2013-07-25


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