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PROJECTa€“H is about the Free World and the kind of projects that really do on behind the scenes. The reader will gain many things. The story is based on 'prepaid research and development programs. Byron R. Bowen has many years of experience working with project engineers and scientists on advance electronic systems. He has also taught English and Science and some mathematics. Although the people are fictional characters, the reader may discover many new things. Robert Farlan, an auditor for the company is sent to a high mountain region to investigate rumors about a secret world. He enters another world where he encounters a small civilization. Though he only audits government projects, the people seem different than most systems personnel. He learns they were at one time a top secret government project. Due to a paper glitch of some kind the project had been abandoned. Project funding suddenly terminated left them without an money and supplies needed to operate their homes, projects and services. in some ways and returns to his own world. The Company began the mission from rumor. It was past two thirty a.m., when the helicopter made an approach for a landing on the high mountain plateau. The June sun lay just below the lighted horizon on the mountain peaks to the east. The new moon had grown pale and white in the light of early dawn. When they came closer, I could see that she had green eyes that sparkled unusually bright. a€œI made the recording for the security system at your suggestion, father, a€ she replied quickly. For some reason I felt relief knowing the older gentleman was her father. He said. a€œAre you interested in the whole story?a€ a€œWell, yes, I answered. I am interested in the unique aspects of the project.a€ That is what the captain wanted, the whole story, if there was a story. I had a duty to perform and I owed my loyalty to the company. It was not my place to make any judgments. I intuitively felt certain the project people were not subversive. a€œProject-H is unique of all government projects. Research involves electricity of every kind and no other kind of energy.a€ The project leader said.Electrical engineers explained a one to five or ten horsepower shunted electric motor is protected from a power surge, ... the wiring and armature until the motor is brought up to speed, and the weight of the vehicle is transferred to momentuma#39;.

Author:Byron R. Bowen
Publisher:Bowen Books - 2013-09-05


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