Programming Heterogeneous MPSoCs

Programming Heterogeneous MPSoCs

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This book provides embedded software developers with techniques for programming heterogeneous Multi-Processor Systems-on-Chip (MPSoCs), capable of executing multiple applications simultaneously. It describes a set of algorithms and methodologies to narrow the software productivity gap, as well as an in-depth description of the underlying problems and challenges of todaya€™s programming practices. The authors present four different tool flows: A parallelism extraction flow for applications written using the C programming language, a mapping and scheduling flow for parallel applications, a special mapping flow for baseband applications in the context of Software Defined Radio (SDR) and a final flow for analyzing multiple applications at design time. The tool flows are evaluated on Virtual Platforms (VPs), which mimic different characteristics of state-of-the-art heterogeneous MPSoCs.Tool Flows to Close the Software Productivity Gap JerA³nimo CastrillA³n Mazo, Rainer Leupers. Chapter. 6. Parallel. Code. Flow. As discussed in Chap.1, not only sequential but also parallel programming must be supported in order to close theanbsp;...

Title:Programming Heterogeneous MPSoCs
Author:Jerónimo Castrillón Mazo, Rainer Leupers
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-09-24


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