Profit Power Economics

Profit Power Economics

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A new economy is emerging from the global financial crisis. In this groundbreaking book, seasoned executive and Harvard-trained economist Mia de Kuijper guides readers through the fundamentals of this economy and explains how companies and individuals can create sustainable wealth now. The key is wielding one of twelve contemporary sources of profit power. Control just one and you are on the road to high returns. Turning profit power into sustainable wealth requires new strategies, enumerated here, for choosing and valuing investments, structuring and managing global enterprises, confronting competitive threats, and navigating markets which may increasingly display power law dynamics and where distributions may have qfat tails.q To derive this book's unique framework for achieving high returns, de Kuijper rethought parts of economic theory itself in light of the most transformative force in the new economy (dubbed the Transparent Economy by de Kuijper), namely the vanishing cost of information and connectivity. Based on original research and illustrated with lively lessons from the experiences of the author and other successful investors and leaders, Profit Power Economics draws a detailed picture of the new competitive arena and gives readers a step-by-step approach to build (or find) exceptionally high-return enterprises and to utilize today's shifting market dynamics to influence choice and build wealth.LCD panels. Neither Vizio nor AmTran produce the flat panels themselves, and the companies that make them may hoard them to sell under their own brands.a€ The article quotes a top Sony executive who argues that Vizioa#39;s lack of in-house manufacturing and development resources will hold ... Benefits of Collective Action That Are Not Related to the Cost of Information Solving Problems of Motley Crewsanbsp;...

Title:Profit Power Economics
Author:Mia De Kuijper
Publisher:Oxford University Press on Demand - 2009


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