Profit in Plain Sight

Profit in Plain Sight

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How do you know---with certainty---that your business is as profitable as it could be? Dona€™t put this book down until youa€™ve earned all the profits you need to fund every worthy project on your business bucket list. This straightforward Roadmap shows you how to profit safely, sustainably, and with integrity, in ways that have nothing to do with traditional accounting tactics... in less time than youa€™re currently spending on email. qProfit in Plain Sightq shows you exactly what you need to do to: 1. Get Buy-in: Activate the three uncommon Drivers that shatter your speed limits, get your people on board, and change behaviors almost overnight 2. Generate Loyalty: Implement the single most effective way to keep the customers who keep you in business from cozying up to your competition 3. Maximize Top Line Growth: Achieve a€˜the nirvanaa€™ of Top Line growth by selling more products and services, to more customers, at higher prices 4. Optimize Bottom Line Profits: Plug your hidden profit leaks and stop your vampire customers (theya€™re NOT who you think they are!) from sucking the lifeblood from your business 5. Differentiate for Competitive Advantage: Attract customers in droves with the overlooked but common-sense strategy that simultaneously drives unnecessary costs right out of your system. 6. Innovate and Win: Leave your competitors wondering what happened with the 21 paths to low cost, low risk, stealth innovation that they cana€™t just copy 7. Implement for Results: Simply follow the Action Plans to make it happen Eight out of ten leaders report that they dona€™t have enough profit to fund the growth they want. Dona€™t be amongst them. Simply accelerate your resultsThe Proven Leadership Path to Unlock Profit, Passion, and Growth Anne C. Graham. a€œplug and ... Breakaway Positioning: Combines features of products iPhone iPhone 3G, 3GS iPhone 4, 4GS in distinctly different categories iPad 2 10. 11.

Title:Profit in Plain Sight
Author:Anne C. Graham
Publisher:Morgan James Publishing - 2015-06-30


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