Profit Heroes

Profit Heroes

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qExceptional sales practices have always consisted of both art and science. Profit Heroes delves deeply into sales science as it has evolved since the Great Recession. It is both eye-opening and amazingly powerful. Don't just read it. Study it!q --Tom Hopkins, author of When Buyers Say No qWarning: Everything you know about selling is wrong. Everything you have been taught before today is wrong. This book will upset you. You will have to relearn everything. You will have to learn about a new mindset: a profit mindset.q --Todd Schnick, CEO of Dreamland Media qThe first two chapters are absolutely riveting. You read about a salesperson who lost the sale and was devastated. You read about the salesperson who won the sale. Anyone who has sold has felt both of these emotions. But Bob Rickert makes those emotions palpable. Once he hooks you emotionally, he provides the roadmap for winning more and bigger deals. If you want to be seen as a peer--a businessperson who happens to sell--instead of qjust another salesperson, q Profit Heroes belongs at the top of your must-read list.q --Chris Lytle, author of The Accidental Salesperson qNow, more than ever, salespeople need to understand finance and profitability if they are to sell effectively to the C-suite. Fortunately, Bob Rickert has written an informative and thoroughly enjoyable book that provides a roadmap for salespeople seeking to become qProfit Heroes.q Using realistic examples, Bob paints a picture of how to sell successfully using executive board language, and contrasts it with the unsuccessful strategy of a firm that takes a different approach. I highly recommend this book to anyone in the sales arena.q --Dr. Dawn Deeter-Schmelz, professor; director of the National Strategic Selling Institute; J. J. Vanier Distinguished Chair of Relational Selling a Marketing, Kansas State University... plant and regional and corporate level crunching; and manual reporting on production quality and maintenance would be avoided altogether. ... He compared High Beama#39;s maintenance and repair standards, which had improved in each of the last three years, with those of other ... And, using my cell phone, we demonstrated the wireless feature that notifies the system that the paint quantities have beenanbsp;...

Title:Profit Heroes
Author:Bob Rickert
Publisher:Author House - 2013-12


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