Professor Tuesday's Awesome Adventures in History

Professor Tuesday's Awesome Adventures in History

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Miss Peppera€™s class is going on a field trip to the local university. Once there, they meet the curious Professor Tuesday, the inventor of the Tuesday Teleporter and an expert on the famous Native American war chief Pontiac. The oddball professora€™s teleporter takes Miss Peppera€™s class back in time to learn about Chief Pontiac and his rebellion of 1763. The students see firsthand the native people of the Woodland Tribes, the French, the British, and the events that led up to Pontiaca€™s War. The field trip turns upside down when the professor and one of Miss Peppera€™s students are captured by Chief Pontiaca€™s warriors. The two are lost in time and their only hope rests in the hands of Miss Pepper and her students. The class has to follow the professora€™s clues and research the past in order to bring their friends home, but time is running out. Can they find the answers that will help them rescue their friends before one of the major battles of Pontiaca€™s war?a€œIa#39;ve got the interneton my phone, and I found aweb site that has a a#39;day of the weeka#39; calculator.If weplug inthe date, ... Now we need to tryto find something ... Satellites orbiting the earth can locate any place onthe planet using GPS coordinates.

Title:Professor Tuesday's Awesome Adventures in History
Author:Jeffery Schatzer
Publisher:Spry Publishing - 2013-12-13


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