Professional XSL

Professional XSL

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XSL is a vital companion to XML and is used for two main purposes: to format or style XML data (like Cascading Stylesheets) so that it can be displayed in a browser, and to transform XML data. When you transform and XML document, you manipulate the data into a new structure, for example, re-ordering the data. This enables the same data store to be used in an unlimited number of ways. It is the transformation ability that gives XSL (and therefore XML) its real power. You can imagine XSL as a bridging mechanism between your XML data store and the browser. It does a similar job to ASP, but it is platform independent. XSL can also be used to transform XML into other text formats (eg HTML). Pro XSL demonstrates how to decide which technique to use and how to fit XSL into the development of practical applications. It also shows how to implement the data transformation processes in order to filter, sort or change the structure of data and add style for presentation purposes.The kind of situation Ia#39;m thinking about is one where good, old-fashioned procedural code can make short work of something ... alt;libraryagt; alt;book category= aquot; fictionaquot; agt; alt;authoragt;J . K . Rowlingalt; /authoragt; alt;titleagt;Harry Potter and the Philosophera#39;sanbsp;...

Title:Professional XSL
Author:Kurt Cagle
Publisher:Apress - 2001


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